John 15:12
“My Command is this:  Love each other as I have loved you”.
Kenny Evans
Kenny Evans will be performing here at FBC Holt, October 9th for our Morning Worship Service. We invite all to attend this special event. Please tell a friend! 
Facility Maintenance Suggestions
To keep the Church in tip-top shape, we are asking for the church’s input; Near the Church office, there will be a clear mailbox, with neon pink and green forms. One for the janitor and one for the building and grounds and both are marked accordingly. There is a lot of upkeep inside and outside the Church property. We are asking that if anyone see’s any part of the property not looking good, please, kindly, fill out one or both of the forms so that we can make sure to address these issues. We appreciate any and all input
Exodos Auction
The Exodos Ministries Auction will be September 27th, at 5 PM at the Woodlawn Family Life Center.
Harvest Festival
The Harvest Festival will be coming up before we know it. We will need lots of individual wrapped candy. If you are able, please drop a bag or two by the back foyer in the Sanctuary. Also please start thinking where you would like to volunteer for this event. We will need “all hands-on deck” for this awesome event.
Men’s Meeting
Calling all men, ages 14 and up! Please join our Mighty Men Thursday, October 6th, at 6:30 PM, for a meal and time of fellowship.